At EquityBee we aim to empower all startup employees to become shareholders and participate in the success of the companies they helped build.

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Startup employees that exercised their stock options via EquityBee.

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“Equitybee made a potentially life-changing decision much easier to make.”

Ran S

"Without EquityBee, I would have given up on the options because I didn't want to invest that amount of money myself at the time."

Erez E 

“The idea is great and so is the delivery. The process was simple, clear and very pleasant.” 

Adi S

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quitybee executes private financing contracts (PFCs), which allow an investor a percentage claim to employee stock options upon a liquidation event, with no guarantee of such an event, and is subject to the terms of your company options agreement. Entering into a PFC could limit your profits; you should consult with your own professional advisers prior to entering into PFCs. PFCs are brokered by EquityBee Securities, LLC, member FINRA.

EquityBee helps employees get the money they need to exercise their stock options by connecting them with investors who are interested in providing the funding to do so. We do this by executing SOFAs (Simple Options Funding Agreements).

SOFAs allow the investor/s who fund your options a certain portion of your future proceeds upon a liquidation event (with no guarantee of such an event) and may limit your profits. The execution of a SOFA is subject to the terms of your options agreement. Completion of the funding process is subject to additional terms and is not guaranteed. Employees are advised to consult with their own professional advisers prior to executing a SOFA.

EquityBee's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply. Feel free to contact us with any questions here.

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